Plans and dreams: a 5-step walkthrough to fulfil them


With the magical time of Christmas just around the corner another special time is fast approaching: the New Year and the resolutions that accompany it! So before 2018’s resolutions are fully upon us, we would like to take a moment to talk about dreams and their fulfillment. We’d like to close 2017 by saluting those who were brave enough to chase a goal and encourage everyone to make positive changes in the New Year.

Whether we have a major life-changing event like switching careers in mind or are just considering taking up a new hobby or side project, we encourage everyone to follow a goal that will lead to increased personal satisfaction. It won’t be easy—fulfillment of dreams requires a big step outside of our comfort zone—and we know there’s always a good excuse (“it’s not the right time” - sounds familiar?) But odds are, it won’t be the right time until it’s just too late. Many of us need a certain push.

We have outlined 5 steps that can provide a structured approach to achieving a dream by turning it into a plan and then facilitating its implementation. To prove that it is indeed possible, we’ll focus on the real life example of our customer Aneta: who quite smoothly pursued a goal to turn her dream into reality. The change wasn’t easy for her either: after around 20 years working in one field she decided to jump into a new role.

AMSU | Plans & dreams Aneta talking about her work

1. Identification. At this stage we need to answer the following question: what would make me get up in the morning, eager to jump out of bed and start the day?

Though some of us may be completely happy; others may not find that their job quite cuts it. Many may have a clear view on what would make them happy, however there is a category of people that may be simply unhappy about their current situation and not know what the remedy is. Aneta found herself somewhere in between: she was certainly not satisfied but only had a slight inkling of what the solution would be. She had been interested in the aesthetic medicine for quite some time and growing demand in this field motivated her to open her own business. This way her passion partially turned into her job.

2. Evaluation. After we define where we would like to end up, we need to compare our vision of the future with our current reality. Finding the gap between the two images tells us what is missing and what needs to be done. Aneta, for example, had a medical background so the transition into aesthetic medicine was not a complete turn-around for her, especially since she has already knew her way with needles. She just needed technical knowledge and practice.

3. Solution. Next we should find the means to fill the gap. In our study of Aneta’s case, the courses and training sessions she attended gave her the required skills and knowledge. Networking brought her clients and most importantly she gathered support from friends.

4. Decision. Faced with the facts we need to evaluate them based on our priorities, abilities and values. The question to be answered here is whether our gain exceeds our effort. This will impact the action plan – whether we are willing to take huge risks or prefer to play it safe, as Aneta did. In her situation, she took up her new activity as a side job, investing her spare time and money.

5. Grace period. We should give a new project time to see if it works. We need to set a timeline and stick to it, and if we need more security, we need to develop a plan B. There will be hiccups and joys and we need to be prepared for these.

We encourage you to enter 2018 with a dream and a plan to turn it into reality. We hope that although not specific instruction, our 5-step process will serve as a guide and a starting point for bringing ideas to life and embarking on new activities. 

AMSU | Plans & dreamsAneta wearing AMSU dress

At the end we would like to share one of our favourite quotes from Steve Jobs:

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”