Working mother: an ultimate “multitasker"


A slow sunny morning spent enjoying a full breakfast with a newspaper in hand sounds like something out of this world. Especially when kids are thrown into the mix!

Being a parent is often considered a full-time job, so when other commitments such as regular work come into the equation, everything gets more complicated. Leaving aside the tasks of arranging basic childcare and not even getting into the challenges of actual work-related tasks, there is the “getting ready for it” part that can be difficult for parents. In order to meet the world we need a little polish, which in another pre-baby world would simply mean getting out of sweatpants, taking a shower or even finding things we need around the house. Post-baby, getting ready takes on a whole new meaning — and since no one wants to show up at work sporting the latest and greatest carrot puree, things get tricky.

The month of May marked the celebration of mothers world-wide so we decided to look closer at the wardrobe needs of moms juggling multiple engagements. We found 3 suggestions that, perhaps resonating best with our busy working moms out there, could help anyone facing a lengthy to-do list to ease up the morning routine, regardless of a family status.

AMSU staright cut dress

1. Keep things simple and assemble a uniform. This point is all about being practical. Having outfits lined up and on call is a great way to save time and energy. The important part here is being aware of what fits us, and creating an arsenal of basics in our wardrobe. Classic and versatile items can be transferable from work to home and vice versa. A supply of shirts or trousers that look good on us are key, even if it means repeating pieces such as white shirts or cigarette trousers. A blazer can always come in handy – it will elevate a look when paired with jeans as well as compliment a pencil skirt. Having an outfit ready – on a hanger or in our mind - will save us in a situation when we get a blouse dirty while almost out the door and need a quick change.

2. Little details matter while ensuring comfort and professionalism. It is possible to mix comfort with style and elegance and our task would be to do so. The beginning stages of parenthood might be a period in time when we suddenly crave comfort. At this time we are in constant movement, hence the best policy is to choose clothes that do not restrict it. Some stretch in clothing is always welcome. By having the basics covered and being completely ready with the essentials of our ensemble, we can then take time to play with our look by adding flavor to an outfit when the mood strikes us. This is where the little things have a big moment. Sometimes choosing heels, grabbing a bag that stands out or putting on lipstick not only plays a role in our appearance but also makes us feel better. A couple of extra minutes spent on a quick hairdo can boost our mood for the whole day.

3. Planning is key. It is a challenge like never before to pick out an outfit on the spot. The danger of waking the baby may render us unable to run around our closets and dig out pieces we wish to try on in the early morning. On the other hand, an early-rising little one demanding attention might make it difficult to assemble a look. To ensure as much harmony as possible when the day starts, thinking ahead helps. Laying out our clothes by the bed to have ready for morning is the ideal situation, but selecting them in our head gets us halfway there and is a great compromise for a busy parent!

AMSU ensemble

Becoming a parent brings a greater need for organization into our lives. There might be some mornings when we can afford having some “me time” to get ready in peace, however as this is more an exception than a rule, it is great to have uniform outfits lined up – created based on what we like and feel good in. To keep up with a fast paced world it is helpful to combine comfort and professionalism in our wardrobe by relying on basics and elevating a look if the right circumstances come about.