About Us


AMSU is a business-casual style boutique created by two pragmatic fashion enthusiasts working towards classic fashion with a contemporary design approach.

The brand was born with today's woman's wardrobe in mind and aims to deliver simple, yet timeless clothing that appeals to the active women. AMSU clothes can be worn either to work or for evening cocktails with friends.

Our philosophy centers around our commitment to absolutely no compromises on quality, our appreciation of beauty and simplicity, and our respect for the power of fresh details to make a clothing article into art. We put a lot of care into each step of creating our pieces. AMSU sets and follows the process from scrupulous in-house designing, the selection of fabric suppliers, and finally to manufacturing, which is based locally thereby enabling us to ensure that the right amount of attention and skill is put into every piece.

AMSU | Ana Marija & Radek

Our aim is to give every customer an excellent shopping experience through flawless service at the store and integration of community and creation, considering the needs of our clients throughout the design process. We weigh every detail, test the functionality, ask for opinions and adjust our garments accordingly until we are satisfied - and more importantly our customers are satisfied - only then are we proud to present our product and our brand.

At AMSU we choose aesthetically attractive fabrics that are a pleasure to wear, ensuring design and functionality. The fabrics we use are chosen from around the world and are made by top tier manufacturers with a passion to textiles and craftsmanship.

We focus on comfort, the feel of the garment and its look, regardless of the season. We try to find creative solutions for classic shapes and present them in a new light.

But don’t just take our word for it, come and take a look!